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preprint-series - institute for applied analysis and numerical simulation

Informations for authors

 Download the (.tgz-) or (.zip-) archive. It contains the LaTeX-stylefile ians.sty which you need to compile an IANS-preprint. Furthermore, it provides an example file with instructions on the usage of ians.sty.
 To publish a preprint, please send an email to the preprint-administration, bearing the following details:
   title (obligatory)
   authors (obligatory)
   URL to the authors' homepage(s) (optional)
   short abstract (ASCII-file) (obligatory)
   keywords (optional)
   AMS classification (optional)
 You will receive an email from the preprint administration with the following information:
   preprint-number (year)/(seq. number)
    example: preprint-number: 2003/001
   file (year)-(seq. number).tex
    example: file: 2003-001.tex
 Please follow the instructions in example.tex and insert your serial number into your LaTeX-file and copy the file (year)-(seq. number).tex into your working directory.
 If the compilation was successful, generate a postscript©-file by invoking the program dvips with the following options:
    dvips -t a4 -Ppdf
 Send a PS- or PDF-file of your preprint to the preprint administration.